5 Places Worth the Splurge in Tehran

Author : Daric , May 8, 2019

5 Places Worth the Splurge in Tehran

What’s more to Iran than art, unique architecture, spectacular climate and, amazing people? You might be surprised to know that Iran offers its own taste of luxuries for you to enjoy, too!

We all deserve world-class accommodation, scrumptious meals, precious remembrances and, some pampering, especially when on a vacation!

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If you think like us and your next destination is Iran, here is the list of what you should plan for:

1. Kashtiaray Jewelry Shop

You can buy some of the world’s finest pieces of jewelry from Kashtiaray Jewelry Shop. Buying gold accessories in Iran is pretty popular amongst tourists who visit this country, but this shop isn’t just another ordinary store that sells gold! Kashtiaray, owned by Mohammad Kashtiaray, the president of Fine Jewelry Guild in Iran, provides an exceptional experience of high-end shopping combined with the hand-picked pieces of precious accessories.

If you plan to shop at Kashtyarai, using cash would not be a smart option. For your safety and peace of mind, we recommend paying with DaricPay, a prepaid Travel Debit Card that allows you to pay for your jewelry by swiping your card and entering your 4-digit PIN. You can register for DaricPay Travel Card here.

experience high quality services at Espinas Palace Hotel

2. Espinas Palace Hotel

For an enjoyable stay, choose Espinas Palace Hotel. The fact that Tehran is a busy city makes the comfort, location and service quality of your accommodation an important factor. After a day in hustle and bustle of Iran’s capital, you need to submerge into comfort at night, recharge and rise into your next day of adventure as you go on to discover more of Iran. Located in the north of Tehran, Espinas Palace offers everything that you expect a world-class 5-star hotel to have plus a spectacular view of Alborz mountains. This newly built hotel has some entertainment space and great restaurants, too!

experience high quality services at Espinas Palace Hotel

3. Ala Saray Restaurant

For a taste of the most appetizing Middle Eastern delights, try Ala Saray. Persian cuisine could be a tourist attraction in itself for the country. Iranians sure know how to add just the right amount of flavor to please the taste buds and tourists are usually happy with the food. However, if you wish to treat yourself to a session of fine dining in an elegant, high-end restaurant and dine with some of the most famous stars of the country, Ala Saray is where you should go for a meal.

Ala Seray restaurant in Tehran

4. Sana Shopping Center

For an enjoyable shopping spree, head to Sana Shopping Center. Sana sits in a high-end Tehran neighborhood and is a great place to do some retail therapy from the best brands available in Iran. This mall is home to luxury boutiques and restaurants, both international and local brands.

Do not forget your post-shopping coffee at Sana’s rooftop food court while enjoying the scenic view.

Sana shopping center

5. Helicopter Ride Over Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests

For an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city into beautiful calming views you can’t see from any viewpoint on the ground, take a helicopter ride and experience the Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests like never before. Yadisa offers the unique opportunity for guests to fly above lush lowland and mountain forests covering about 55,000 square kilometers near the southern shores of the Caspian Sea of Iran. To get to this helicopter ride, you can enjoy a one-hour road trip from Tehran to Kordan and then fly for an hour to Ramsar.

helicopter ride over caspian hyrcanian forests

Take Note: Money and payment system in Iran is more complicated than you would expect. There are few things to consider before preparing to enjoy any of these wonderful and reasonable luxury experiences. The easiest and smartest choice would be registering for a DaricPay.