IFTM Exhibition Report

Author : Daricer , October 7, 2019

IFTM Exhibition Report

IFTM Top Resa is a trade show for travel and tourism, targeting all segments: Business, Leisure, Group, MICE & Events. The IFTM Top Resa is the largest exhibition of its kind in France, with many business opportunities. This year the exhibition was attended by more than 1700 brands and 38000 Tourism Professionals in these fields.

Daric participated in this exhibition with the aim of getting to know the brands and people in the travel industry and exploring opportunities to collaborate with them.

DaricPay is the solution to a problem that has caught the minds of many tourists planning to travel to Iran. Many people have even given up on traveling to Iran because they couldn’t find a suitable solution to the problem, a problem called money exchange.

Money and currency in Iran is one of the main problems of tourists traveling to Iran. Iran is not connected to the Western banking system. This means that although there are numerous ATMs and banks around the country, you cannot withdraw cash with your credit or debit card.

Since the dollar, euro and other international currencies cannot be used to pay in Iran, the only solution is to bring all the money you need in cash and exchange it to rials in Iran.

Daric is are working to make this trip easier and more enjoyable by solving this problem. The exhibition provided us a good opportunity to get to know and interact with tourism and travel activists from different countries.

 The friendships and partnerships formed at this exhibition are our most valuable achievement. On the days of the exhibition, many people have visited our booth, talking to them has brought to our attention important things we did not know before, and this gives us a better view of the way forward. Our main goal is to improve the travel experience of tourists, and we hope that with the help of what we have learned at this exhibition we will improve our performance and make the travel experience more enjoyable for those traveling to Iran.

Thanks to everyone who was with us during this time and helped us.

More photos and daily reports of the exhibition can be found on our Instagram and Twitter.