Iran Currency and What Currency is Accepted there?

Author : Daricer , September 29, 2019

Iran Currency and What Currency is Accepted there?

In Iran the official currency is Rial, but that does not mean you will see all prices at Rial. Why? because of too many zeroes. To make it easier to read and calculate prices in Iran, people use another currency which 10times more than Rial and it is called Toman. ( 1 Toman= 10 Rials)

Iran Currency is Rial
What currency is accepted in Iran

Is Dollar Accepted in Iran?

Always make sure you have some money exchanged in Iran currency, however, some hostels and hotels accept Dollar. Nowadays some carpet stores also accept Dollar, but it is not guaranteed to buy your dollar at an appropriate rate.

What About the Euro? Is Euro Accepted in Iran?

The use of the Euro is just the same as Dollar in Iran. It is accepted in some stores and places but in general, it is not recommended.

If you want to bring Dollar or Euro with to Iran, we recommend you to exchange some to Rial and spend Rial in the country.

Exchange money in Iran
Exchange money in Iran

Are Other Currencies Accepted in Iran?

Generally, most exchange offices, which are called Sarrafis in Iran, accept Dollar, Euro and sometimes Pound. But don’t worry if you didn’t bring none of them. DaricPay, Iran Travel Card, accepts almost all official currencies. DaricPay exchange your money and charge your card with Rial with the free-market rate and if you need more money you can send a request to top up.

If you want to get sure about the currency you want to carry with you to Iran, contact us by

Since in Iran, there is an official currency and all around the country people use it for their transactions we recommend you to exchange your money to Rial. Further, figuring out the day exchange rate and finding a place to buy Rials is time-consuming and as a tourist, you’d better have more time to travel more.

What is Iran Currency Rate?

Rial rate’s fluctuation is high, that means you can hear several rates in just one day. Also when it comes to google it shows a rate which is not available in free-market. Some websites are not updated and their rates are not reliable. So we as DaricPay decided to solve this problem easily with an email: “”, by which you can send an empty email to and receive the day exchange rate online.

Iran Today's exchange rate
Iran Today’s exchange rate

Where to Exchange Money in Iran?

There are lots of exchange offices in all Iran cities. They are called “Sarrafi” and they have big screens on which are written the day rates. It sometimes confusing to choose between different Sarrafis, especially in Ferdowsi street that is the exchange center in Tehran.

Exchange money in Tehran
Ferdowsi exchange office in Tehran

Is Iran Safe for Exchanging Money?

All official Sarrafis are reliable to exchange money, but look at the rates, that means by exchanging 100$ you will receive a huge bundle of cash. It wouldn’t be safe at all to carry that much cash while you are walking through a crowded area. Not even in the safest zone of the world.

Carrying cash is not safe at all
Carrying cash is not safe at all

How to Spend Rial Without Cash?

Some of you may be confused about how can it be possible not to carry cash but spend Rial in Iran. DaricPay Travel Card solve the exchange problem, carrying cash and confusing exchange rate at the same time. Isn’t it magic to get the exchange rate of the day online, exchange your money without going to any Sarrafi, spend money with no single banknote?

DaricPay Travel Card
DaricPay Travel Card is your financial solution in Iran

By registering an Iran Travel Card all your financial problems in Iran will be solved, and in case of losing the card, you can request for reissuing.

You can read more details about the card here.