Everything You Must Know About Iranian Money Before Traveling to Iran

Author : Daricer , September 16, 2019

Everything You Must Know About Iranian Money Before Traveling to Iran

The Iranian currency and the exchange rate in Iran are two of the most frequently asked questions that tourists ask about before traveling to Iran.

In this post we gathered all  you need to know about Iranian money.

Iran Currency

The Rial is the official currency of Iran.  The Rial was first introduced in 1798 as a coin worth 1,250 dinars or one eighth of a Toman. Although Iranians usually express amounts of money and the price of goods to the Toman.  One Toman is equal to 10 Rials. As a general guide, the written quotes are quoted in Rials and prices quoted in conversation are in Tomans. Most travelers struggle with this system for the first few days of their journey.

Some people exploit this confusion to to deceive you, be careful, and If in doubt, be sure to ask people they are quoting a price in Rials or Tomans.

The important thing to consider before traveling to Iran is that international credit cards do not work in Iran. 

Iran is not connected to the Western banking system. This means that although there are numerous ATMs and banks around the country, you cannot withdraw cash with your credit or debit card. So you should bring all the money you need in cash And for other expenses exchange it to Rials in Iran.

Since the dollar, euro and other international currencies cannot be used to pay in Iran, However, most of the time hotels and hostels accept foreign currencies. Sometimes you can pay by credit card at some of the big shops, especially carpet stores.

Exchanging money in Iran

The most popular currency is the US dollar, but the euro and the British pound are widely used. Other currencies are harder to change. Exchange offices that named Sarafi from banks offer you a better exchange rate and they are almost available everywhere(you can find Sarafi in airports, big cities and tourism centers), the EUR, USD and pound are always accepted. In addition, the black market also exists, meaning that in all cities, you will always see random people who want to buy your currency(we do not recommend this at all). If you change your money through them, make sure to count your money two times.

But Bringing cash has many problems:

  • Transferring money to Iran is very difficult if your money runs out before the trip ends.
  • The value of the Iranian currency is very low compared to the dollar and the euro, which means you will need a backpack to carry your money after you exchange it into Rials! (I exaggerated a little. But if you want to have a luxurious stay in Iran or buy genuine Iranian handicrafts then you will need a suitcase to carry your money instead of a backpack.)
  • Having lots of cash makes you a prey for thieves and crooks.

So what is the safest way?

 Here is where the protagonist enters, DaricPay travel Card.You can register for Daricpay travel Card and top up it. By Daricpay you can absolutely pay everywhere.

Why Daricpay? Because:
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  • Using your Daric Card does not cost you any additional fees.
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