Is Iran Safe?

Author : Daricer , September 2, 2019

Is Iran Safe?

As a citizen who has been living in Iran for years, I’ve found it a very safe country, and always got surprised by people who do not choose Iran for traveling. So I asked myself When Iran comes as a tourists’ destination, is it as safe? Do many tourists face danger?

Iran-Safety-Map-2019- By Friendly Iran

According to this map, Iran is as safe as European countries and the breadth of the part, which is found as a high-risk area, is fewer than 15 percents of all.

In this article, I am going to talk about safety in Iran from different points of view. 

Is Iran Safe to Travel Solo?

Travel to Iran in a group or visit Iran solo! Iran is safe for both types. For who prefers traveling in a group there are many Iranian travel agencies which welcome Iran visitors and manage tours for them.
Furthermore, Iranian people are very hospitable and won’t let you down if you are alone and want to discover the country by yourself.

For a Solo, Travel Female is it Safe to Visit Iran?

Women who travel alone around the world won’t feel unsafe in Iran, it may just be a little surprising to see men and women separation in some public places, especially public transportation.
The only thing you have to know about Iran as a female traveler is its women dress code. Women have to have hijab, which means covering the hair and wearing loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t show off the body. You can check what Iranian women wear outside on @daricpay

Solo female travel to Iran
Women have to wear hijab in Iran

“Women in Iran, especially in the cities, aren’t so different from Western women. That might surprise you. Often they’ll even DATE like Western people, but they don’t advertise it to the rest of the world. They’re much more private about their personal lives. Fair enough.” Will Hatton describes Iranian women in his blog.

What about Robberies?

Like everywhere else in rush hours, especially in larger cities, you have to watch out, pickpocketing is what would happen to you, too. Although we’ve all heard about stories in which a hero gave back the wallet to the owner and etc. it’s not a smart choice to carry cash around on the streets.

cash problems in iran
Carrying cash is not a smart choice

Mastercard, Visa, or any other international credit and debit cards do not work in Iran, and recently because of the high exchange rate, tourists are always worried about the amount of money they have to carry. To feel safer in Iran and get rid of being robbed, we created a payment platform, which includes a prepaid travel card and an application. You can easily register for and charge it with your preferred currency, then spend Rial in Iran. In case of loss, it is possible to lock it with a single click from your account. Furthermore, travel insurance, which is necessary for tourists to have before entering the country, covers some accidental loss in Iran.
Therefore, I have to say that your money is safe in Iran, too.

Is Transportation in Iran Safe?

It’s not recommended to drive yourself in Iran magnificent roads, but to take a road trip with public transportation wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Will Hatton also said about Drivers that “They can be pretty erratic and aggressive. There’s not a lot of courtesy for other drivers and they often drive at high speeds.”

Driving in IRAN is not as safe as other activities
Driving in Iran is an adventure

Public transportation is safe enough to travel all around the country. Also, Taxis are reliable as well.

What do Iran Visitors Say about Safety in IRAN?

To wrap it up, the crime rate is low in Iran in comparison with other tourists’ destinations. So if you are not decided to visit Iran yet, I recommend you to read more articles which are written by other visitors.